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About Us

Dancing4beginners.com was created for people who want to learn ballroom dancing. It is intended for beginners who are just embarking on their journey into the wonderful world of ballroom dance.

Most of the popular dances are presented with detailed descriptions, video demonstrations, and basic step diagrams. (Note: If you want to use the step diagrams on your website, you can do so, just provide a link back to this site as the original image-source.)

Our mission: To introduce you to the most popular ballroom dances and help you learn the basic moves. And when you think you're ready for more, check out the recommended video instructions.

Dancing is a great way for people of all shapes and sizes to exercise and keep fit, meet new people, make new friends, relax from the pressures of everyday life, or simply just have fun.

Hopefully, we can show you just how easy it is to start moving. If we succeed, then our mission is accomplished.

Thanks for visiting and let the dancing begin!

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