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Foxtrot Instructional Video

Foxtrot Video Instructions

Learn Foxtrot with Jaimee and Mark:

Learn how to Foxtrot with Jaimee and Mark

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Video instructions
Foxtrot is a very useful social dance and can be danced to a variety of musical styles and tempos. It's in many ways similar to waltz, but it's not the same. They both have a box step and they are both smooth dances, but they have different timing. Foxtrot uses 4/4 music and Waltz uses 3/4 music. The moves are also not the same, of course, but if you already know how to waltz, then learning Foxtrot will be just a matter of rhythm.

The basic rhythm is slow-slow-quick-quick. Each slow step counts for 2 beats of music while each quick step counts for one. The slow steps are long and elegant, and the quick steps are short and energetic.

In the following video Louis will explain how the Foxtrot works. You will learn the basic steps and timing:

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