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Learn How To Foxtrot

Foxtrot Video Instructions

Learn Foxtrot with Jaimee and Mark:

Learn how to Foxtrot with Jaimee and Mark

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Foxtrot is a smooth, elegant, easy to learn dance, very popular at a wide variety of social events, including wedding receptions. It's one of the most beautiful ballroom dances characterized by long, continuous flowing movements.

Foxtrot includes basic elements found in most other dances, so when you learn it you acquire a good foundation to learn other popular dance forms. Definitely a great dance for beginners.

It's named after its originator, Harry Fox, who was a Vaudeville performer in New York in the 1910s. Because he was having a hard time finding female dancers capable of performing the difficult two-step, he added trotting steps to ragtime music. People soon referred to his dance as Fox's Trot.

Foxtrot uses a slow, slow, quick, quick rhythmic pattern. The slow steps use 2 beats and the quick steps use one beat of music. The music is played in 4/4 timing.

Foxtrot is highly versatile and can be danced to a variety of musical styles and tempos. From slow and romantic to quick and jazzy. Popular vocalists for Foxtrot include Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Dinah Shore, and many, many more.

The Foxtrot Section:

Basic Foxtrot Steps
Learn the basic foxtrot moves with easy to follow step by step guide that will get you dancing in no time. You will learn the basic steps and timing. Difficulty: Easy. Experience required: none.

Foxtrot Instructional Video
In this video Louis and Irina will explain and show you how the Foxtrot works. You will learn the basic steps and the rhythm of the dance.

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