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Learn How To Salsa

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The word 'salsa' literally means 'sauce', usually hot and spicy, and that's definitely how you would describe Salsa dance – hot, spicy, zesty, energetic, passionate and sexy.

Salsa is a very sensual Latin dance, similar to Mambo. Both Salsa and Mambo have a pattern of six steps over eight counts of music and they both share many of the same moves.

The great thing about Salsa is that just about anyone can learn it. There is a well known saying that is often repeated by dance teachers - if you can walk, you can Salsa. Learning Salsa is also a wonderful way to meet new people and make new friends.

Salsa is the result of combining many Latin and Afro-Caribbean dances, it's a fusion of Cuban, Puerto Rican and African rhythms. The basic rhythm is quick, quick, slow; quick, quick, slow, using the 1,2,3 and 5,6,7 beats (beats 4 and 8 are skipped). The music is typically around 180 beats per minute, although it can be slower or faster than that.

Only three dance steps are made for every four beats with one step to each beat and one beat being skipped. The skipped beat is called a tag, a tap, a kick, a flick, or the like. The steps can be from side to side or forward-backward and in circles. When dancing you must keep a straight upper body posture and move your hips as much as possible.

The basics of Salsa are easy to learn. Just try it and see for yourself. Remember, if you can walk, you can Salsa.

The Salsa Section:

Basic Salsa Steps
Salsa is a perfect way to learn Latin American dancing. It's easy, not to fast and not to slow. Experience required: none. Difficulty: Easy.

Instructional Salsa Video
In this video Louis and Irina will show you how salsa is done. They will also teach you about the rhythm, which is essential to understand.

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