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Learn How To Samba

Ballroom Dance Video Instructions

Ballroom Dancing with Jaimee and Mark:

Learn Ballroom Dancing with Jaimee and Mark

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Samba is a lively, rhythmical and very fun dance of Brazilian origin. It is one of the most popular party dances, characterized by a simple forward and backward steps and a rhythmic, sensual hip movements. Dancing Samba is not as hard as it looks.

Samba is the national dance of Brazil, some say the spirit and soul of the country. Although in Brazil Samba remains a solo form (danced at street festivals and parades), in other countries it evolved into a partner dance and was standardized as a ballroom dance in 1956. Today it is one of the most common Latin dances.

Ballroom Samba is not as challenging as the Brazilian original. It's a partner dance danced to a music written in 2/4 time, meaning there are two beats in each measure. However, there are three steps in each measure, which means that every two beats has three steps. The count is 1 & 2 (1-and-2). Usually you count 8 beats before resuming the count - 1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6, 7 & 8.

Samba is a very popular dance, with both the younger and the older generations. So join in, put on your dancing shoes and start sambaing today!

The Samba Section:

Samba Instructional Video
Learn Samba with easy to follow step by step instructional videos. In the following video Louis and Irina will demonstrate how Samba is performed. You will also learn about the timing, which is essential for you to understand.

Basic Samba Steps
Samba, one of the sexiest Latin dances, is not as hard to learn as it might seem. The basic steps are very simple. See for yourself. Difficulty: Easy. Experience required: none.

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