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Learn How To Jive

Ballroom Dance Video Instructions

Ballroom Dancing with Jaimee and Mark:

Learn Ballroom Dancing with Jaimee and Mark

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Jive is an exciting partner dance similar to Salsa but without the difficult footwork. It's fun, easy to learn, playful and energetic in nature. Because it's a very fast, energy-consuming dance, it's also an excellent form of exercise. Plus, it looks great on a dance floor.

Jive is the faster version of Swing. It's a very boppy dance where dancers use more bouncy movements, lifting the knees and bending or rocking the hips. A lot of kicks are used. It's one the most energetic of all the dances.

Jive evolved in the early 1940s from a dance called Jitterbug, a form of Swing dance. It shares many figures with Swing, such as underarm turns, swivels, etc. The Ballroom Jive is one of the five International Latin dances.

Jive is generally danced to a music in 4/4 time in a wide variety of tempos from slow to very fast. The great thing about it is that it can be danced to all sorts of music - old, new, Swing, Rocknroll, Country, electronic, pop...

It's a fun dance and certainly one of the most fantastic ways to get and stay in shape. So grab your dancing shoes and get jiving.

The Jive Section:

Jive Instructional Video
In this instructional video Louis and Irina will show you how to Jive. You will learn the basic moves and the timing, which is essential for you to understand.

Basic Jive Steps
Get started right now and learn the basic Jive moves with easy to follow step by step guide for absolute beginners. It's easier than you think.

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