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Learn How To Swing

Swing Video Instructions

Learn Swing with Jaimee and Mark:

Learn how to dance Swing with Jaimee and Mark

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Swing is a lively, upbeat, non-progressive partner dance that can be danced to a wide variety of music styles, from blues to rock & roll. Non-progressive means it's mostly performed in one spot, so it's very convenient on a crowded dance floor.

It's one of the most versatile partner dances you can learn - very social and beginner friendly. Easily adaptable to a wide range of tempos, it involves movements with lots of swinging, spinning and rhythmic, creative footwork.

There are many different styles of Swing, the term actually refers to a group of dances that developed from the swing style of jazz music in the first half of the last century. There is Lindy Hop, Boogie-Woogie, Jitterbug, Shag, Charleston, West Coast and East Coast Swing, just to name a few. Each of these dances has its own distinct flavor.

One of the most popular, exciting, and very suitable for beginners is East Coast Swing. It's a bit more social and relaxed than other versions. It's also a formal ballroom dance and the easiest to learn. Perfect for beginners.

To dance Swing you'll need a partner, a sense of humor, and a bit of endurance. Always remember, wear comfortable shoes. Now let's go swinging.

The Swing Section:

Basic Swing Steps
There are many different styles of Swing and some are quite complex. The easiest to learn is East Coast Swing. The basic 6 count step is simple: triple step, triple step, rock step. See for yourself. You'll be swinging in no time.

Swing Instructional Video
Video is a great way to learn how to dance. Check out this two videos that will nicely show and explain the basic steps of East Coast Swing. Watch it and try it yourself. You'll see it's not really that difficult.

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