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Learn How To Tango

Tango Video Instructions

Learn Tango with Jaimee and Mark:

Learn how to Tango with Jaimee and Mark

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Tango, also referred to as the "Dance of Love", is a passionate and dramatic dance. It represents almost theatrical piece of emotions - love, hate, fear, desire - all expressed through sensual movements and passion. Its moves are sometimes slow and gliding, and other times sharp and clipped. It's a beautiful dance that offers a wonderful, sensual experience.

Tango is somewhat different from other dances, especially traditional ballroom, but next in popularity behind the waltz and foxtrot. Dissimilar to waltz and foxtrot, it has no rise & fall, no swaying. It's known for quick, sharp movements and a catlike walking action.

The rhythm of tango is based on counts of eight. The basic rhythm is slow, slow, quick, quick, slow. A slow step takes two beats of music while a quick step takes one beat. Tango music is usually written in 4/4 time (but also in 2/4 time) and played at a tempo of 30-33 measures per minute. Tango is danced in a closed dance position.

Today, there are many styles of tango. You can dance the tango argentino, the ballroom tango, the finnish tango, the uruguayan tango, tango nuevo, vintage tango, and the chinese tango, among other styles. Although many different interpretations have appeared, the two main styles are the ballroom style and the Argentine style. The main difference between Argentine and ballroom style is that the second one has more sharp, staccato movements and the characteristic head snaps which are totally foreign for the dances coming from Argentine.

The Tango Section:

Basic Tango Steps
Learn the basic tango moves with easy to follow step by step guide. Basic tango steps are not as difficult as most people think. Five steps are taken over eight beats of music - two slow walks and a so called Tango close. Experience required: none.

Tango Instructional Video
In this Tango video Louis and Irina will demonstrate how tango looks. They will also explain how to hold each other, which is essential for you to understand.

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