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Rumba Instructional Video

Rumba Video Instructions

Learn Rumba with Jaimee and Mark:

Learn how to dance Rumba with Jaimee and Mark

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Video instructions
Rumba is known as the "Dance of Love". Characterized by sexy movements it displays the passionate nature and physical expressions of desire. It's slow, sensual, romantic, and best of all - easy to dance and learn (see the video bellow). Some say Rumba is the spirit and soul of Latin American dance. It's certainly a dance of romance and always a good choice for weddings.

Rumba is similar to Waltz and other box step dances, but it uses 4/4 timing instead of the 3/4 timing found in Waltz. It is done to music with a slow tempo and emphasizes on hip movements (what we call Cuban motion).

Three basic steps are made in one measure of music. Basic step is a pattern of two quick side steps and a slow step. Steps are taken on beats 2, 3, and 4.

In the following video, Louis and irina will show you the basic box step and explain the rhythm of the dance.

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