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Instructional Salsa Video

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Ballroom Dancing with Jaimee and Mark:

Learn Ballroom Dancing with Jaimee and Mark

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Salsa is a flirtatious and sensual Latin dance. It's similar to mambo, sort of a street version of it. In the last few decades it gained vast popularity and is now danced in nightclubs all over the world.

Salsa is one of the most popular dances on the planet and because it allows a lot of creative improvisation, many different styles have developed over time - Cuban, Puerto Rican, Columbian, Brazilian, New York, L.A., and so on. But regardless of different styles the basic steps are essentially the same.

Salsa basic steps comprise of 3 steps over a 4 beat count. 3 steps are made for every 4 beats with one beat being skipped. 1, 2, 3 represent the beats you step on and on beat 4 you hold the step.

Note that salsa steps are very small. The faster the music, which is usually quite fast, the smaller the steps. Most salsa music is around 180 beats per minute, so fast feet are required.

In the following video Louis and Irina will show you how it's done. You will also learn about the rhythm, which is very important to understand.

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